Van Ahn and Company was founded in 1987 by L. E. Van Ahn in Alexandria, MN. The firms objectives and mission statement was straight forward as it is yet today. To assist investors and producer hedgers increase their income while reducing risk in their portfolios or farming operations.


INVESTORS: Van Ahn and Company maintains a staff of well qualified commodity investment specialist looking for opportunities to benefit from moves up and down in all commodity markets. Use of futures and options can be utilized depending on the individual's needs and risk tolerance.


PRODUCER MARKETING: The backbone of the business has been and continues to be the assistance in working with producers market their crops and livestock. The utilization of risk reduction tools is the defining strategy when assisting those producers.


COMMERCIAL HEDGING: Van Ahn and Company assists many grain elevators, feed manufacturers, ethanol plants and other end users of grains in marketing and hedging their needs. For the country elevator, not only can Van Ahn and Company assist them with their hedging, they can also assist them in developing programs to purchase their requirements.



  1. Marketing for Profit marketing service for producers
  2. Personalized marketing and investment service
  3. Newsletter sent out to producers, lenders, Ag business and investors 26 times a year outlining market activity and recommendations
  4. Marketing recommendations in the cash, futures and options markets
  5. Brokerage service
  6. Managed futures products
  7. Online trading accounts

Jim Emter


Kristi Van Ahn-Kjeseth


Kaylee Emter

Financial Manager

Arnie Heubrook

Marketing Specialist

Clayton Rehm

Investment Director

Ross Nadgwick

Marketing Director

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Marketing Specialist

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Marketing Specialist